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Hi, my name is Christy Pierson. The idea to open an aquatic store arose primarily out of my love for fish and aquarium design. My inspiration behind the Fishtales name is the desire to create a magical underwater world that tells a story and evokes feelings of wonder and relaxation. We felt it would be nice for fish enthusiasts to have a place where they could get everything they needed to keep their fish happy and healthy in one convenient location. We want shopping at Fishtales to be an experience the whole family can enjoy. There is an entire design room dedicated to creating your perfect underwater scape. Our store will be stocked with beautiful driftwood, rocks and aquatic plants to bring your vision to life. We will carry top of the line filtration, lights, chemicals, foods and tanks, not to mention some amazing fish! Test out our products, grab a tasty treat for your pet, pick up some essentials and have fun!

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